Sensfix helps realize a connected factory future with 5G IoT integration and automated predictive maintenance processes


  • Automated predictive maintenance by mapping IoT data to a specific required service
  • Initiated and executed service workflows automatically including scheduling, ticketing, and AR/VR link creation for technician use
  • One single interface for plant managers to monitor all maintenance operations and asset performance.

The Challenge

The Lodz Special Economic Zone in Poland along with Ericsson created an industry consortium program called the  “S5-5G Technology Accelerator” inviting a leading German manufacturer to test-run Sensfix. The household appliance manufacturer had designated one of its manufacturing facilities in Poland for 5G rollout and testing of 5G-based applications and wanted to connect all of their IoT sensors over the 5G communication network.

In addition, the client wanted to move its industrial motor predictive maintenance processes onto the 5G network and create automated operations and maintenance (O&M) that leveraged AR- and VR-based mobility solutions to improve maintenance quality and efficiency.

The Solution

The project began with the integration of Sens-facility into the factory’s existing systems in just a few days due to Sensfix’s modular and easily integrated solutions. This included onboarding the industrial motor IoT sensors, their interfaces, and connectivity bridges into the platform. Based on the predictive maintenance data output from IoT sensors, Sensfix algorithms could map every prediction to a specific service action. Sensfix would then initiate the corresponding service workflow, schedule the right technician, and manage the service ticket until resolution.

Sensfix also provides stakeholder-specific apps (web & mobile) that connect machinery and equipment in the manufacturing plant—via their IoT sensors—to an online collaborative platform where factory workers, O&M team members, and other stakeholders (supply chain, inventory management, and service providers) can monitor or control different phases of the operation and maintenance lifecycle.

Sensfix build a holistic operational model with the ability to extend interoperability to future systems beyond industrial motors in the manufacturing facility. Teams can manage operational maintenance, asset performance, and sustainability from a single interface deliver better experiences to plant managers, new insights to maintenance workers, and to fulfill the factory’s vision for creating a 5G-connected platform using AR and VR.

Sensfix’s is also now partnered with Ericsson to scale the solution to other OEMs beyond the scope of this consortium.