Innovators from around the world converged at the World Smart City Expo (WSCE) 2023 in Seoul, South Korea to share their visions for the future of urban spaces, spanning topics from sustainable infrastructure to data-driven governance.

Sensfix showcased its AI for maintenance solutions at the World Smart City Expo 2023, tailored to the evolving landscape of smart homes and cities, highlighting how our Do-It-Yourself Digital Maintenance and Multimodal AI Rule Engine are reshaping today’s smart cities. The highlight was our live demonstration that provided real-time crowd density metrics and automated trigger of first responses based on multimodal AI rules. This feature is essential for city administrators to manage public spaces efficiently, especially in an era where safety and social distancing are paramount.

Sensfix also demonstrated the ability to analyze age, gender, and dwell patterns, providing granular data that can be vital for businesses, event organizers, and city planners alike. This depth of insight, combined with the capacity to establish multimodal AI rules that automate foundational decision-making, plays a crucial role in developing policies, enhancing space efficiency, and improving experiences in both commercial and public environments.

Sensfix’s participation at WSCE was more than just an exhibition opportunity, it was also a reaffirmation of our commitment to shaping the future of smart cities, particularly through AI-driven CMMS and smart facility management systems. As cities globally strive to become smarter, more sustainable, and citizen-centric, Sensfix is ready with the technology and expertise to facilitate this transformation.

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