Sensfix participated in the Next Rise 2023 event at COEX, South Korea. This event is designed as a platform for startups to connect, collaborate, and showcase innovative technologies. Sensfix’s engagement at the event was highlighted by a series of in-depth 1:1 meetings with investors focused on our advanced multimodal AI and digital maintenance solutions.

During these meetings, we detailed our operational strategies and future objectives, particularly emphasizing our multimodal AI for maintenance and self-learning AI capabilities. Our platform, which includes cutting-edge Do-It-Yourself (DIY) digital maintenance software and multimodal AI rule engine, is tailored to enhance digital maintenance and maintenance decision-making automation, receiving positive feedback from experienced investors.

Next Rise 2023 served as an excellent hub for gaining industry insights and networking, reinforcing Sensfix’s role in the AI for Maintenance sector. The event enabled us to showcase how our multimodal AI and self-learning AI technologies integrate seamlessly into facility operations, offering digital and automated solutions for facility management, factory maintenance, building maintenance, vehicle inspection etc.

This gathering was not just about presentations but also about illustrating the potential of AI-driven solutions in transforming facility and building maintenance software operations. Sensfix gained investor interest for its multimodal AI for maintenance solutions at Next Rise 2023, South Korea and broadened its industry perspective.

As Sensfix continues to innovate and lead AI-driven CMMS software space, we invite industry stakeholders to explore how our solutions can transform their buildings & facilities maintenance strategies into more efficient, automated processes.

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