The sixth annual AI EXPO KOREA 2023, held from May 10th to 13th at COEX in Seoul’s Gangnam district, exhibited a wave of innovations in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The event’s emphasis was the ongoing boom in AI, notably with Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Meta’s LLama, all demonstrating astonishing potential. Generative AI’s capability of producing results in various modalities like images, audio, code, and visuals, sometimes surpassing human abilities, was a prime focus. It brought together industry leaders to explore innovations in the integration of AI with IoT for smart building, smart city, and smart factory solutions.

Sensfix showcased its cutting-edge Multimodal AI for Maintenance, which has been pivotal in digitizing maintenance inputs and automating maintenance workflows across various sectors. Our platform combines advanced computer vision and natural language processing technologies with robust facility management tools, offering solutions from digital CMMS to automated prop tech, enhancing the efficiency and intelligence of operations in smart buildings and smart facilities.

Our demonstrations highlighted how Sensfix is revolutionizing facilities maintenance by integrating AI for CMMS and digital facility management, emphasizing service digitization and maintenance digitization. These solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including smart vehicle inspection, digital train maintenance, and automated oilfield services, showcasing our versatility in applying AI for facility management and smart maintenance workflows. The emphasis on streamlining maintenance processes across various sectors resonated well within the expo’s overall theme of AI-infused solutions for real-world applications.

Apart from the exhibition, AI EXPO KOREA 2023 featured a series of side events, including the AI EXPO KOREA SUMMIT 2023. Prominent figures like Jarek Kutylowski, CEO of DeepL, known for its state-of-the-art AI translation capabilities, graced the event. Topics ranged from AI’s societal implications to innovative business models and strategies stemming from AI integration.

AI Expo Korea 2023 was a significant stepping stone for Sensfix, confirming our leadership in Multimodal AI-driven digital maintenance solutions. Our participation underscored our commitment to advancing smart prop tech and facility management software, paving the way for future innovations in AI-driven vehicle inspection and routine inspection software.

AI EXPO KOREA 2023 welcomed over 32,526 visitors across three days, with more than 260 companies and organizations from 11 countries participating. Companies like Intel, HP, Atos, Supermicro Computer, Inspur Electronic, and NHN Cloud were some of the major exhibitors, underlining the magnitude of the event.

As Sensfix continues to lead in the Multimodal AI for maintenance sector, we invite you to explore how Sensfix can transform your maintenance and operational needs into a streamlined, automated, and highly efficient process. For more insights into our AI for Maintenance solutions, we invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website.