Sensfix, a leader in AI-driven service management solutions, was selected for a proof of concept (PoC) program with Alstom Singapore. This program is supported by KB Financial and facilitated by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), marking a significant milestone in Sensfix’s journey towards global technological expansion.

The PoC with Alstom Singapore represents a strategic collaboration that aligns with Sensfix’s mission to deliver innovative, AI-powered solutions to enhance operational efficiency and maintenance processes. This collaboration highlights Sensfix’s commitment to providing transformative solutions for service management, leveraging the latest advancements in AI, IoT, and digital workflow automation.

Alstom, a global leader in sustainable and smart mobility, has recognized the potential of Sensfix’s technology underscoring the growing demand for intelligent, data-driven solutions in the transportation and mobility sectors.

The support from KB Financial and KITA not only adds credibility to the collaboration with Alstom but also provides a platform for Sensfix to showcase its capabilities in a competitive international arena.

The PoC program is expected to provide valuable insights and data, paving the way for further innovations and collaborations in the future. Sensfix is committed to leveraging this opportunity to refine its mobility industry solutions to further align with the needs of global industry leaders like Alstom.