Sensfix unveiled a cutting-edge multimodal AI camera with edge AI features at IFA 2023 in Berlin, marking a significant step forward in bringing AI-drives CMMS solutions to remote areas without internet connectivity. Below is an inside look at this breakthrough product and the buzz it generated at the event.

Sens-MM AI Camera: AI-Powered Surveillance for the Future
Powered by Sensfix’s unique Multimodal AI technology, the Sens-MM AI Camera offers an array of functions from facial recognition to damage detection, pushing the boundaries of what surveillance tech can achieve. Designed to be compact yet powerful, this device promises to make real-time AI processing accessible, efficient, and affordable.

Camera features include multimodal AI rules based on:

Facial Recognition: Enabling new security measures by identifying individuals based on facial features.
Geo-Fencing: Tracking valuable assets and sending alerts for misplaced items (e.g. expensive tools).
Safety Distance Detection: Ensuring workplace safety by analyzing the proximity between machinery and workers.
Human Posture and Driver Behavior Analysis: Promoting health and safety by assessing worker posture and driving behavior.
Manufacturing Error and Damage Detection: Enhancing quality control in manufacturing processes and packaging through real-time video analysis.
Environmental Hazard Detection: Prioritizing facility safety with real-time alerts for fire, smoke, and liquid leaks.

In a breakthrough approach, the Sens-MM AI Camera processes all AI analysis within the device, eliminating the need for cloud-based streaming. This unique feature ensures faster response times, better bandwidth usage, and heightened security.

Sensfix’s VP of Business Development, Patrick Knoedler, sat down for an exclusive interview with the tech magazine, Techfinitive (

He offered a deep dive into Sensfix’s mission of Do-It-Yourself digital maintenance platform using multimodal AI rule engine. In the engaging conversation, Patrick explained how Sensfix’s solutions are revolutionizing maintenance at organizations from schools to production plants. He shed light on our maintenance digitization and service digitization methodologies, and how AI can play a pivotal role in smart facility management, smart building maintenance and smart factory maintenance.

Patrick also introduced the world to our latest product, explaining its game-changing features: “This camera does all the artificial intelligence analysis within the camera itself, instead of streaming it to the cloud or a server. Because the camera itself analyzes everything, it then only triggers an alert if a predefined event happens. It’s like a sensor that uses eyes”.