Together with partners and New Industrial Order (N.I.O.) Sensfix is undertaking a new digital transformation project in the manufacturing sector. The EU-funded concept of “Better Factory” will engage Basicpoint, a Romanian company manufacturing office and home furniture, New Industrial Order, a Dutch laboratory for demand-driven design, and Sensfix as a tech supplier. Using its experience working with large enterprise customers, Sensfix will customize its platform to accelerate digitization of Basicpoint’s factory devices.

The goal is to first create a digital twin of the factory, then connect it to sensors, equipment and people in the factory in order to automate operation and maintenance workflows. The “Smart SME Factory” concept will be rolled out in stages, first as a proof-of-concept aimed to optimize Basicpoint’s logistics, production and resource management. Through logistics automation, and automated production, the project aims to eliminate intermediary storage, optimize processes, decrease the ramp-up time for new production batches, and optimize the usage of resource and raw materials.

One of the benefits of production optimization will be real-time access to data, better control processes leading to increased profitability, and demand-driven manufacturing using AR/VR. For Basicpoint’s customers, the main benefit will be the ability to personalize their furniture through the customer portal.