Sensfix is honored to be joining the InnoWise Scale Programme. The initiative brings together stakeholders from throughout the value chain to address water shortages holistically. The program provides a platform for innovators to customize their product and service offerings to address the difficulties encountered by European businesses and contribute to the development of a water-smart economy.

The InnoWise Scale Program is part of the EIT Community Water Scarcity program, which is directed by EIT Food and supported by EIT Climate KIC, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Digital. Sensfix will join 39 other firms in the latest cohort of the InnoWise Scale Programme. The program includes market-specific training, a three-month mentorship period, and the opportunity to deploy a demo site with possible end customers. Sensfix’s digital platform will enable agile water management, lowering the industry’s impact on freshwater resources. We are excited to pursue partnerships and trial solutions with manufacturers in order to develop new water-related technology.

Making a positive impact is at the heart of Sensfix’s mission. While Sensfix’s first solution was addressing challenges related to energy management, we are constantly helping our customers to eliminate paper, reduce water consumption, and save energy (especially in HVAC systems and heaters).

Water is used for many industrial functions for cooling, cleaning, as heat transfer vector, solvent, and mechanical energy vector, so water management solutions are critical to make processes more optimized and less water-intense. Thanks to digital technologies such as remote sensing, smart devices, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and enabling real time water monitoring, industries can improve water management. Senfix helps companies track water use in the maintenance process and will enable industrial facilities to reduce and optimize water consumption.

With a $2.4M EU Grant recently awarded to Sensfix, we now plan to further innovate and develop a dedicated solution to apply multimodal AI to water management in O&M of infrastructures and facilities. We believe that harnessing digital technologies can enable agile water management thus helping to limit the industry’s impact on fresh water, reducing and optimizing their consumption.

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