Sensfix has announced that Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju has awarded the company $2.5M to support the Sensfix mission to create the first multimodal AI for decision making for operations and maintenance (O&M). The grant will allow us to further develop our SaaS platform for digitization and automation of O&M workflows and build new features. As a result, the multimodal AI-based engine is set to become one of the most advanced solutions for failure forecasting and optimization of predictive maintenance.

Thank you @Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju for supporting us in this ambitious goal and to CIVITTA Polska for assisting with the application.

The National Centre for Research and Development announced completion of the evaluation of applications submitted in the second round of recruitment, which lasted from April 13 to May 4, 2021 under the competition “Fast Track” (Polish: Szybka Ścieżka).

1,038 total applications were submitted. By September 20, 2021, 455 applications had been assessed and in accordance with the ranking list approved on September 24, 2021, 134 projects were selected for co-financing. Sensfix was selected (see the 134th position in the following LINK) to obtain funding of PLN 9,812,325, while the total value of the project is set to PLN 12,842,000.00 (US $3.26 million).

The project will address the following needs of customers in oil & gas, production, facility management and energy sectors:
comprehensive real-time support in managing O&M services, including those last mile activities and operations that have been ignored so far
reduction of the risk and costs of implementing Industry 4.0 resulting from the lack of appropriate personnel to handle upcoming advanced technologies.

The result of the project will be the automation of manual activities performed by O&M managers, providing more accurate input to service management, and streamlining failure management and planning of repairs and maintenance of machines and devices.

You can read more on our dedicated subpage here.