Sensfix has formed a partnership agreement with Ericsson to facilitate knowledge transfer related to 5G technology. Sensfix is a member of the Łódź Special Economic Zone’s S5 – 5G Technology Accelerator and Ericsson is an accelerator partner.

As a part of the partnership, Sensfix will gain valuable knowledge and individual consultations on modules using 5G, analysis of competencies required to undertake the implementation of 5G-supported features, advice on scalability, financial and technological feasibility of the project during the incubation phase, and recommendations related to customization of the product for the end customers.

Sensfix was chosen for the S5 – 5G Technology Accelerator to develop 5G solutions for investors in the Łódź Special Economic Zone (Łódź SEZ). For more than four years, the Łódź SEZ has been developing a national innovation hub and a local startup assistance system. As a result, every existing and new investor in the SEZ gets direct access to the latest technology.

The S5 accelerator in the Łódź SEZ is part of the initiative “Acceleration Models in Technological Innovations.” Young enterprises can receive co-financing for the development of innovations based on 5G technology, which will be deployed, among other places, in the factories of Łódź SEZ firms.