Sensfix, a USA and Poland-based startup that provides an AI-driven Service Lifecycle Management platform for Operation & Maintenance, has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to expand their international presence. Sensfix enables companies to easily digitize workflows in order to enable devices to self-schedule, self-dispatch, self-ticket and manage their repair and maintenance needs by themselves.
Sensfix is changing the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry by improving machine-uptime (MU), reducing mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and increasing first-visit-success-rate (FVSR) leading to a decrease in equipment maintenance costs by 30%. Customers are in the manufacturing and enterprise facility management industries.
Sensfix’s Machine-2-Service platform (on-cloud or on-premise) provides web/mobile Apps to different stakeholders in any building or facility connecting them collaboratively to third-party IoT sensors and leverages AI to directly integrate the predictive intelligence from IoT into operations and maintenance workflows.
The EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup programme is supported by venture capital and business experts who specialize in deep tech. The Accelerator leverages a pan-European network of investors and top corporations to help companies raise funding and expand internationally. Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has supported startups and scaleups from 18 countries which have raised over €920 million in investment.

Beneficiaries of the EIT Digital Accelerator includes support in financing, investment-readiness coaching, investor introductions, facilitated access to the international market via sales introductions, linking with over 500 corporations, go-to-market coaching, tailored international growth support worth €50.000, and gaining international visibility through EIT channels.