Sensfix was chosen as one of the top 10 companies out of 600 that applied for the Blue Tulip Award program. In the final round, Sensfix pitched at the Accenture Innovation Summit after rounds of speed dating with jury members. By participating in the Blue Tulip Award program, companies may interact with other innovators, work with partners, investors, and the media, and accelerate their innovation by obtaining valuable feedback from the expert jury.

The Blue Tulip Awards themes are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, such as:

Sustainable Cities and Communities: Helps tackle urban difficulties (such as transportation and waste management) and make cities more resilient and future-proof.
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: Encouraging ideas that assist in decarbonizing production and making industrialization more climate-neutral.
Responsible Consumption and Production: Seeking solutions that allow goods to be tracked throughout their supply chains and optimized end-to-end supply networks, as well as innovations that allow for the implementation of less resource-intensive production processes.
Climate Action & Affordable and Clean Energy: Looking for cutting-edge solutions that can help with energy transition and battle climate change.
Good Health and Well-being: Advancing digital health technologies, particularly data interchange in the healthcare industry.

The award’s name was inspired by the flower which the Netherlands is known for. Although there are many different types and colors of tulips, no one has been able to grow a blue tulip. This illustrates the award’s central theme of innovation. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a program and gather startup experience for future initiatives.