The Blockchain Expo Series is one of the most well-known blockchain-focused events in the world with more than 350 exhibitors and 500 speakers sharing industry knowledge and real-world experiences. Sensfix was asked to attend and feature our operations and maintenance solution that incorporates blockchain technology.

Sensfix will be exhibiting at the Blockchain Expo North America to demonstrate how an Asset-Management-as-a-Service platform on blockchain enables machines across industries and facilities to automatically schedule and manage their own repair and maintenance while keeping automated decision-making transparent among all stakeholders on the blockchain. Senfix technology can reduce the cost of repair and maintenance, failure rate of repairs, and ensures 99% asset uptime.

This event will bring together 26,000 people from all over the world to debate how technological breakthroughs and blockchain will change the corporate IT ecosystem. The Expo adds value by being co-organized with The 5G Conference, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, IoT Tech Expo, and AI & Big Data Expo.