Sensfix CEO Balaji Renukumar appeared on Dana Blouin’s podcast, The Future of Business in Southeast Asia, to discuss the Internet of Things and how it is changing the way we think about automation and how Sensfix found its market niche that drove the development of its first product.

Sensfix’s expertise in the energy industry sparked the idea to build an automation solution for the operation and maintenance of city lights, allowing for auto-identification of failures and maintenance needs without the participation of the owner. The same technology can also be applied to other municipal assets.

Currently, Sensfix cloud, smartphone apps, and web platforms integrated with IoT sensors operate with over 600 assets in 50+ municipalities across three countries, enabling assets such as street lights and traffic lights to report faults instantly to owners and automatically call the nearest service personnel for repairs and maintenance, resulting in an Uber-like network.

As a result of the company’s breakthrough solution, the Malaysian government has requested Sensfix to undertake a proof-of-concept in Kuala Lumpur for smart city asset repairs and maintenance.