The Malaysian Government extended an invitation to Sensfix to conduct a proof-of-concept in Kuala Lumpur, targeting the repairs and maintenance of smart city assets. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and our commitment to push the boundaries of what’s possible with IoT in the urban landscape.

Sensfix’s journey is one of inspiration, ignited by personal challenges and driven by the quest to innovate. Stemming from experiences in the energy sector, the core idea was to intelligently maintain city assets like streetlights and expand it to other urban fixtures. The goal is a future of auto-detecting failures and completing maintenance needs without any intervention from asset owners. This realization led to the development of the Sensfix cloud, a mobile app, and a web platform. Integrated with state-of-the-art IoT sensors, they presently manage over 600 assets across 50+ townships in three countries.

The standout feature? Assets, be they streetlights or traffic lights, have the capability to immediately report any malfunction to their owners. They can also automatically summon the nearest available service personnel for instant repairs and maintenance. This seamless process is akin to the efficiency and ease of an Uber network.

The CEO of Sensfix, Balaji Renukumar, had a riveting conversation with Dana Blouin on the Future of Business in Southeast Asia podcast, particularly focusing on the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI in the context of automation and integration.