The “Best of X – Smart Region powered by ENTEGA” event was held on November 13th in Darmstadt, Germany. The event brought together entrepreneurs and representatives from industrial enterprises to foster collaboration on the development of innovative smart city concepts.

“Our objective of the event was not simply to listen to the entrepreneurs, but to create tangible projects directly from startup concepts with our expert staff,” explains ENTEGA CEO Dr. Marie-Luise Wolff. “This greatly raises the odds of success for innovative founders.”

The workshops were divided into three groups: “Automotive,” “Energy,” and “Smart Living.” Representatives from the globally selected startups—Evopark, Gerotor, Eluminocity, Boreal Light, Sigra, Sensfix, and Cabin Spacey—were present. Sensfix was chosen as one of the top ten companies to cooperate on repair and maintenance solutions for smart city applications.

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