Sensfix was founded as a natural evolution of our team’s passion and domain expertise in energy efficiency. Sensfix’s first product was focused on one aspect of energy efficiency: automating streetlight operations and maintenance to optimize entire streetlight networks for energy savings.

In most cities, street lights are installed and maintained by municipalities. However, due to lack of resources, streetlights are seldom maintained efficiently. Streetlights are normally switched on and turned off at a pre-determined times of day, rather than using environmental factors to determine operations. Not surprisingly, it is common to see street lights switched on during the day in many cities in India, which wastes precious energy resources.

Street lights consume significant electricity, so any added efficiency can lead to massive savings given the large number of streetlights in every city or village. Sensfix identified this massive energy savings opportunity and created a smart switch called Switchomat, which enables complete automation of switching street lights on and off. Explaining the technology behind Switchomat, Balaji Renukumar, CEO of Sensfix states, “The basic idea behind Switchomat is to implement wireless communication technologies with software to enable switching devices on and off from a remote location automatically.”

The Switchomat solution consists of a 365-day timer preloaded with longitude and latitude coordinates and bases light operations on unique sunrise and sunset times for all days of the year. The company currently manages streetlight operation for over 70 ULBs in 10 districts of Karnataka through its head office in Mysore and branch offices in Hubli, Chitradurga, and representatives across the state.

With the ability to operate street lights from a remote location and enable automated maintenance, Sensfix has helped municipalities reach critical sustainable development goals by lowering energy intensity and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency improvements with power savings of up to 62% and ROI in 5 to 24 months.

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